Righteous Might: One Man’s Journey Through War in the Pacific

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Craig Siegel

The Naked Machine Gunner:


When an SPM (Self-Propelled Mount) was disabled just outside the town of Villasis on Luzon, Leonard Gordon’s platoon was ordered out to guard it until it could be towed back behind the lines for repair. While guarding the tank-like vehicle the grungy, dirty GIs decided to wash their clothes and themselves in an artesian spring nearby. The GIs were all mostly or totally naked when an enemy patrol came marching down the road toward them.  With the rest of the platoon scrambling, Gordon grabbed a light machine gun off the SPM and charged the enemy patrol, wearing nothing but his GI boots, an action that saved the lives of his platoon and earned him a bronze star commendation. This audio clip is from the first interview concerning this incident.


Warning: This audio clip describes a combat incident from a savage war. Some of the language may seem offensive or racially insensitive if take out of that context. Listeners should bear in mind that after the war, Leonard Gordon spent many happy and successful years working with and for Japanese companies.


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