Righteous Might: One Man’s Journey Through War in the Pacific

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Craig Siegel

What You Will Find Inside

Craig Siegel Home:   That’s where you are now.

About me:   A little about my background and why I began writing about World War II.

WWII Galleries/Audio:   Some photos of the 6th Infantry Division in New Guinea and The Philippines as well as additional photos of operations in the Southwest Pacific Theater. Audio clips from interviews with Sgt. Leonard Gordon, and  a link to a YouTube video describing the book.

Books and Info:   A description and preview of Righteous Might, and background information on World War II in the Pacific Theater. Also a link to the Oregon World War II Memorial project.

Contact Me:   Let me know you are there.

Events:  Interviews and lectures - Do you have an audience who might be interested in these topics? Schedule an interview or lecture.

Welcome to my Website


Here you can Learn about my book, Righteous Might: One Man’s Journey Through War in the Pacific, learn about World War II in the Pacific and the U.S. Army’s campaigns in that brutal theater of operations,  see pictures of the 6th Infantry Division, and contact me if you want more information. I’ll even tell you about myself, should you be interested.